Too Much Inventory: How R&A Trucking Company Can Solve Your Surplus Inventory Issues

  • Too Much Inventory: How R&A Trucking Company Can Solve Your Surplus Inventory Issues

    Too Much Inventory: How R&A Trucking Company Can Solve Your Surplus Inventory Issues

    The supply chain rollercoaster continues into the new year. Last year, supply chain delays left shelves empty and caused headaches for the industry. This year introduces a different issue: surplus inventory. Why is there likely to be a surplus of stock this year? And how can R&A Trucking Company relieve your stress and help you maintain inventory levels?

    What causes a surplus of inventory?

    Snarled traffic at entry ports caused shipping and distribution delays throughout the 2021 holiday season. Retailers contracted private cargo ships to retrieve goods, but this didn’t mean that products arrived on time. When seasonal merchandise like fall and Christmas-themed decor comes in January or February, retailers can’t sell it, as it’s no longer in demand. This leads to an inventory surplus. What do you do with that extra inventory?

    The effects of too much inventory

    Retailers and logistics teams can manage excess inventory in several undesirable ways. When businesses mark down inventory that is no longer in demand, they lose profit. If inventory still doesn’t sell, it’s a total loss. Destroying merchandise contributes to unnecessary waste and is also a financial loss.

    Ultimately, excess inventory impedes cash flow. If products aren’t selling, they’re sucking up money.

    A better way to handle excess stock is to store the extra inventory until the next season when it will be in demand. But what is the best way for you to store your excess inventory? That’s where R&A Trucking Company comes in.

    What you can expect from us

    When you choose R&A Trucking Company to handle your inventory, you’ll enjoy the full range of our services. Here’s what you can expect:

    Your inventory will be transported and handled with urgency, care, efficiency, and ease.

    With our container lifting service, we will pick up and deliver your inventory at any time, to and from any place, for your convenience. Our professionals use containers to ship and store with minimal shifting, so goods aren’t damaged or jostled in the process. We transport by truck or rail, giving you more options for transporting your goods.

    You can choose from a variety of containers.

    Renting a container with us gives you options as well. We offer 20-foot and 40-foot containers that accommodate any amount of inventory you have. You can choose a side-door or tunnel-door container to suit your needs and preferences.

    Secure Warehousing

    R&A Trucking’s 250,000 square-foot warehouse provides you with a secure controlled storage facility for all your surplus inventory needs.

    Distribution and Logistics

    We run a distribution center in-house that receives, segregates, stores, and prepares your inventory for distribution or further shipping. With our real-time tracking, don’t worry about your inventory getting lost. Whatever inventory needs you have, we’ve got you covered.

    R&A Trucking Company offers the most extensive and comprehensive trucking and warehousing services for all your surplus inventory needs in 2022!

    Don’t let surplus inventory give you a headache in the new year! Act now and let R&A Trucking Company handle your extra inventory needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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