5 Tips for Better Shipping Logistics: Ways to Save Time, Trouble and Money When Shipping

  • 5 Tips for Better Shipping Logistics: Ways to Save Time, Trouble and Money When Shipping

    5 Tips for Better Shipping Logistics: Ways to Save Time, Trouble and Money When Shipping

    Logistics can make or break a company. When people think of a shipping company’s logistics, they mainly think only of the shipping and receiving elements. However, the thought process should involve the whole company, external companies, carriers, vendors and end users. It’s a process that revolves around moving products from your suppliers to the end user. For a shipping company to have a successful logistics plan, there are several key elements that can be followed to ensure that your company is effective and efficient while keeping customers well satisfied with the end result.

    5 Ways to Improve Shipping Logistics

    1. Choose a Good Logistics Company

    Choosing the best logistics company is crucial for every business. Hence, you need to ensure that you evaluate all your shipping options before hiring a logistics company. Speed and cost are the first two vital factors you need to consider. Using a logistics services provider can give you better control over shipping costs as well as help you achieve the desired speed in your shipping operation. Choose a company that has the best operational edge with a capability to handle rush periods. Choose a company that offers automated services and analyzes their customization options and geographical coverage.

    1. Streamline Communication

    Sharing information is actually one of the most vital aspects of an efficient shipping logistics plan. Communication is an element that should be included in each step without the exclusion of freight management. It’s important to know where the products are, what levels of inventory are kept and exactly when an error has occurred for immediate action. Getting information in a timely and effective manner can alleviate small issues from growing into huge problems. It helps to ensure that proper decisions are made in a timely fashion.

    1. Work With People Who Know What They’re Doing

    One of the main reasons for the success of your company is because of the experience levels of your customer service team. People who know what they are doing can eliminate delays and accessorial fees and prevent carriers from being upset. However, incompetent people can frustrate everyone and end up causing problems for your freight.

    1. Always Have a Plan B

    This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but everything does not always go as planned in the trucking world. Traffic, weather, flat tires, overheated engines, and vacations may all have adverse effects on freight being delivered in good condition and on time. Expect the best but always be prepared for the worst. I’m betting that whoever first said that was in the transportation industry.

    1. Leverage Your Existing Relationships

    If you have a relationship that provides you with free shipping (inbound and outbound), you need to truly count your blessings because having someone take care of the financial cost of logistics for your company is amazing. In this industry, we all have to rely on someone, whether we like it or not. Leverage the relationships you have been given, treat all the people involved well and stay as true to your word as possible.

    1. Bonus Tip

    Be as transparent as possible on shipping costs and conditions. Your customers’ loyalty begins and ends with the trust they have put in your shipping company. Be transparent in major areas such as shipping price and you will earn the loyalty and trust of your customers. Specify your various delivery options, expected date of delivery, all associated costs and the return conditions. Give your customer all the data they need to avoid unwelcome surprises and have realistic expectations.

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