Choosing a Warehouse Location

  • Choosing a Warehouse Location

    Choosing a Warehouse Location

    Oakland Warehousing and Trucking Firm with Geographical Advice

    Do you need a better warehousing space for your Bay Area business? Before actively searching for and vetting warehouse locations, consider your current and anticipated needs to streamline the process and ensure success.

    Physical Plant

    Select a warehouse that has the physical capacity to meet your needs. Determine whether the design and flow will support logistical integration of deliveries. Column spacing and ceiling height can hamper or support your intended use, so pay attention to these details. Consider staging areas, truck access, and trailer storage. You may find you need a larger space than you originally anticipated.

    Warehouse Location

    Your warehouse location needs to be convenient to your customers, and it therefore will depend on how their goods are shipped. Air, rail, truck, and seaport accessibility can be critical, and your needs may fluctuate based on gas prices or other considerations, making some shipping processes more economical than others. Identify which shipping methods you are most likely to utilize, and select a warehouse that provides the most convenient access to those systems.

    Employee Pool

    You will need a skilled workforce to fill your warehouse jobs, and often the least expensive warehouse location will cost you more in job searches and employee retention. Find a location near a high-density residential area that will ensure a stable workforce.

    The Best in Freight Transportation from a Bay Area Warehouse Jobs Provider

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