Extending the Useful Life of Trucks in Your Fleet

  • Extending the Useful Life of Trucks in Your Fleet

    Extending the Useful Life of Trucks in Your Fleet

    Oakland Intermodal Transportation Firm On Increasing Truck Longevity

    Your trucks constitute a significant business investment and a key component of your intermodal transportation system. A damaged or broken truck creates cascading costs. In addition to paying outright for the repairs, you also must swallow additional costs. You need to pay staff to reroute or reschedule pick-ups and deliveries, and you may also need to take time to address client concerns. Keep your trucks safe and functional on the road by following these recommendations:

    • Train your drivers. Truck driver jobs require best knowing how to operate a vehicle. Drivers should let the engines fully warm up before driving, and should avoid jump starts and frequent stops and starts in traffic.
    • Conduct scheduled maintenance. Trucks need more maintenance than cars due to engine complexity and the sheer amount of work truck engines do. Frequent changes of oil, fuel, and air filters can help keep your trucks in operational condition.
    • Use warranty-acceptable additives. Most manufacturers honor warranties when the additives used on the truck are EPA-registered. These additives can improve efficiencies and reduce wear on the truck engine and other components.
    • Secure loads. Most truck door damage occurs when loads shift during transportation. Train your workers how to appropriately secure loads to avoid this issue.
    • Reinforce truck floors. Truck floors take a lot of abuse, and they tend to be in constant need of repair. Install steel tread plates and thicker flooring to avoid or reduce floor damage.

    The Best In Intermodal Service Richmond CA Has To Offer

    R&A Trucking Company provides trucking, warehousing, and distribution services to clients who use Bay Area ports. Our intermodal services also include rail access. Contact us at (510) 632-7112 to learn how we can support your business.

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