How Supply Chains are Impacted by The Internet of Things

  • How Supply Chains are Impacted by The Internet of Things

    How Supply Chains are Impacted by The Internet of Things

    Leading Bay Area Logistics Company Discusses Network Connectivity Affecting the Delivery of Goods

    The Internet of Things (IoT) utilizes computer-connected sensors to monitor and manage a variety of tasks around the home and office. Recent advancements have seen an increased impact on supply chains that result in improved efficiencies and safety. Companies now expect intermodal services to utilize IoT to increase communications, reduce losses, and improve delivery times. IoT impacts supply chains in several ways.

    Improved Safety

    • Sensors can identify truck maintenance issues and schedule repairs.
    • Truck sensors allow only trained personnel to operate them and ensure all safety protocols are followed. They also turn off vehicles that have idled too long.
    • In an effort to avoid accidents, sensors notify trucking companies when drivers have operated their vehicles longer than the approved time.

    Improved Logistics and Tracking

    • Smart containers automatically update the system when they have been moved to a new location.
    • Devices notify forklift operators of the number of pallets that need to be moved, their current locations, and the delivery points.
    • Sensors can quickly locate lost inventory.
    • High-risk and hazmat shipments can be monitored along the transportation and distribution network, regardless of the transportation method (truck, rail, ship) using GPS, sensors, and bar codes.

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