How to Choose the Right Warehousing Forklift

  • How to Choose the Right Warehousing Forklift

    How to Choose the Right Warehousing Forklift

    Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting a Forklift

    Whether you’re a warehousing manager who wants to resupply a logistics hub with equipment, an engineer struggling to redo workflow maps for your team, or an entrepreneur gaming out various production strategies, you want to choose the right forklift for your needs.The right lift can be a warehousing game changer, capable of carrying 50-ton loads and doing the work of 20 skilled (and strong!) laborers. Lifts can assist with indoor and outdoor projects, add leverage to manufacturing and logistics processes, conserve space and improve workflow processes. To comparison shop, identify your purpose. Why do you need a forklift? Are you doing indoor warehousing work? Are you looking to assemble a fleet to sell as a business asset? The clearer you are about your purpose, the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

    Next, envision your ideal outcome. Ask yourself questions like:

    – How much money do you want to spend per truck lift?
    – What will be your maximum workload in a single day or single cycle?
    – What other machines and/or human resources will you need to achieve your work goals?
    – What lifting capacity (maximum) do you need to get the job done? (Some lifts can only handle 3,000 pounds, but others can go well above 100,000 pounds.)
    – What attachments, safety features, and tire types will be best suited for your goals?
    – Should you buy new or used? Does it matter to you?
    – What are your width requirements? (For instance, if you have to transit the trucks through narrow aisles, your forklifts obviously must fit through these aisles.)
    – Do your employees have any special needs or economic requirements?

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    Could you handle your manufacturing or logistics operations without a forklift? If so, what would you need to do? For help making a smart, economical decision, contact the intermodal services team here at R&A Trucking for insightful, experienced guidance at 510-632-7112 or through our online Contact Form.

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