How to Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity

  • How to Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity

    How to Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity

    Oakland Warehousing Tips

    Whether you’re searching urgently for Bay Area warehousing services to help your business deal with a crush of new orders from overseas or investigating Oakland logistics services to help you add capacity to an operation that management decided needs to increase throughput, you need insight into how to improve your warehousing capacity. Here are some ideas:

    Consider creating very narrow aisles, also known as VNAs.

    Depending on the products that you’re storing or transporting, you will need specific storage solutions that will allow you to access goods, products, or widgets without constraining business operations. Only one vehicle at a time can access VNAs, thus limiting the speed at which you can add and remove products. You may also need specialized forklifts and other equipment to handle this kind of work, but using VNAs is a down and dirty way to maximize capacity.

    Improve and augment racking systems.

    By changing your racking systems, you can boost your vertical space capacity and speed up the processes your team uses to store and remove items. If you see a lot of space above your pallets, you’re probably a good candidate for rack elevation.

    Experiment with various configurations, include block stacking, to optimize your pallets for storage.

    As you contemplate warehouse structures, it’s certainly wise to consider any constraints created by your equipment. For instance, can your forklifts lift high enough to reach critical spaces? Can forklifts fit in the aisles if you change the aisles’ dimensions? Do the racks have enough strength to handle increased load? What about fire code and sprinkler code requirements? You also need to consider worker safety: if the warehouse is too cramped and difficult to navigate, the space might not be safe for them to navigate.

    Call Your Oakland Logistics Experts Today!

    Ultimately, to optimize your warehouse space, you should consider getting assistance from a team of people and engineers who have experience maximizing warehouse space. Call the team here at R&A Trucking for assistance with all of your logistics needs. We also provide San Francisco trucking and shipping services. Call us today at (510) 632-7112 to increase your capacity!

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