Importance of an Intermodal Logistics Partner Amid the Crisis

  • Importance of an Intermodal Logistics Partner Amid the Crisis

    Importance of an Intermodal Logistics Partner Amid the Crisis

    Intermodal Logistics is becoming more and more common throughout the transportation industry. All for a good reason. The COVID-19 crisis has left many businesses struggling with the protection of their supply chain. What if there was a way to save your supply chain without overlooking the “new normal” brought about by the crisis? The answer lies in intermodal logistics.

    What is Intermodal Logistics?


    The freight industry is a culmination of different transport methods; flight, rail, road, and water. An Intermodal logistics partner neatly package the different forms of transport and use them to make shipping operations more seamless.


    What are the Benefits of Using Intermodal Logistics?


    What if you could combine the fastest and safest routes? Intermodal logistics is the highlight of freight transport at its most efficient. The COVID-19 crisis poses a serious threat to the supply chain. You don’t have to hurt your freight operations. The benefits your business stands to gain include:


    Lower transport costs: With the COVID-19 crisis came governmental restrictions that impacted transportation networks. While trying to slow down the pandemic, governments indirectly slowed down the transport sector by reducing freight capacity. Intermodal logistics will help you leverage the already overburdened costs operation costs.


    Safety, reliability, and capacity: Intermodal transport presents access to equipment and more standardized transport schedules.


    Environmentally friendly: Intermodal logistics makes it possible to save the environment amid the covid-19 crisis. Business owners can now reduce their carbon footprint because trains emit approximately 5.8 of carbon per 100 miles while trucks emit 19 pounds.


    Is Intermodal Logistics Right For Your Business?


    So, while the crisis might make it seem like you have run out of options, more companies are discovering efficiencies of Intermodal Logistics. Numerous plans are underway to develop intermodal infrastructure. The continual improvement of the technology is bound to expand beyond the crisis. If you are trying to figure out what your business stands to gain and implement intermodal logistics to your business, RA Trucking is a call away. Contact us today for Intermodal logistics solutions.

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