Is Your Business EDI Capable?

  • Is Your Business EDI Capable?

    Is Your Business EDI Capable?

    Why You Need an EDI Capable Logistics Partner

    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a technology that enables businesses to transfer documents from one computer to another using a standard electronic format. EDI capable businesses replace traditional document transfers such as mail and fax with a computer-to-computer system. EDI allows documents to go directly to the relevant application, such as the recipient’s Order Management System. For instance, an EDI capable firm can receive a delivery request directly into their computers, process it, and automatically send an invoice to the client. 

    Why EDI Is Important in Logistics

    Experts call Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) the lifeblood of logistics. Most firms in the logistics industry regularly exchange purchase orders, advance ship notices, invoices, payment, and custom, shipping status, and inventory documents. Since EDI documents are handled by computers, they come in a standardized format that computers can read and understand. There are so many EDI standards that business partners must settle on a particular protocol for all EDI document exchanges. 

    Why Work with An EDI Capable Partner?

    R&A Trucking is EDI capable, ensuring clients can smoothly share business documents. The process is fully automated, eliminating human intervention that leads to delays and errors. Our logistics experts estimate that EDI eliminates approximately 80% of the errors associated with manual document handling, such as entering the wrong code. Working with an EDI capable logistics partner, such as R&A Trucking, confers your business with several benefits, including:

    • improved processing speed
    • lower transaction cost
    • improved compliance
    • enhanced productivity
    • positive customer experiences
    • improved traceability and reporting
    • reduced errors
    • enhanced relationship between business partners

    R&A Trucking is a trusted name in the logistics industry with almost 50 years of trucking, warehousing, and drayage. We provide direct deliveries for local and long-haul loads, ensure timely and cost-effective freight delivery, and store your goods safely in our modern warehouse. Contact us to discuss how our EDI capable logistics services can improve your business. 

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