Rail Transport: Why It Is Still Thriving

  • Rail Transport: Why It Is Still Thriving

    Rail Transport: Why It Is Still Thriving

    Railway is an essential mode of transport in the developed western world. While road and ship transport are also popular modes of freight for certain goods, the benefits of railway transportation are too vast to overlook. If your cargo tends to be transported over long distances and isn’t time-sensitive, rail transport can be a perfect solution to your supply chain.

    Below are the key advantages of rail transport that you ought to consider:


    Unlike ocean freight, rail freight is a highly reliable mode of transport with shorter lead times. For instance, water transport between Northern Europe and China usually takes about seven weeks. However, with rail freight, it’s possible to cut transport time, reducing the lead time. This is exclusively helpful for fast-moving consumer goods companies with high demands for short delivery times.


    Rail freight is also a prompt mode of transport. Compared to other modes of transportation, such as water and road freight which are subjected to bad weather conditions and congestion, a rail route will hardly be obstructed, hence reducing the risk of sudden delays.


    The fact that trains use less fuel than other modes of transport means that the cost of rail transportation is lower. Also, another feature that ascertains the lower transportation costs is that trains have much more space and can carry large amounts of cargo.

    Further savings can also be realized by jointly leasing a train with another company that needs something carried along the same route.

    So, When Should You Opt for Rail Transport?

    Rail freight is a good option when shipping large cargo volumes over a long distance, both across borders and domestically. It’s also a good option when shipping raw materials like coal, metal ore, and farm and grain products. Other goods usually moved by rail include fertilizers, automotive parts, chemicals, and construction materials.

    On that note, 

    Choosing between a variety of transportation options can leave you speculating about which one could be the best. In that case, it would be best to seek professional advice. At R&A Trucking Company, we will help you find the solution that best fits your shipping needs and develop the most efficient intermodal transportation network across North America. Contact us today to find out the best logistics solution for your company.

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