Using a Shared Warehouse in the Bay Area

  • Using a Shared Warehouse in the Bay Area

    Using a Shared Warehouse in the Bay Area

    Complete Warehouse and Distribution Services

    Why share a warehouse in the Bay Area? After all, you may have proprietary processes or special needs regarding your products or distribution set up. Will you have to comprise what’s already working for your company and/or contend with annoying logistics? The reality is that sharing warehouse space leads to excellent benefits without much downside.

    First of all, you can limit your costs. When you share space, you won’t have to manage risk yourself by yourself and pay for protection and storage space that you don’t really need. No matter what industry you’re in, added efficiency can be a lifesaver. As the old saying goes, he (or she) who can afford to buy the most bullets wins the war.

    Shared warehouse space can also improve your security. A good warehouse should come equipped with 24/7/365 guards, video cameras, and other security infrastructure to protect your materials.

    Finally, you can lean on resources and expertise from an experienced logistics team to solve inevitable problems that will crop up as you build and expand your business. Avoid the frustration of having to “work in a vacuum” to manage critical logistics issues.

    In Need Of Bay Area Warehousing?

    Connect with the RA Trucking team today for a free estimate and clear explanation of the pros and cons of using shared Oakland warehousing for your business. We can help you make better, more profitable decisions and fulfill your company’s mission. Call us at (510) 632-7112.

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