Supply Chain Technology Trends 2018

  • Supply Chain Technology Trends 2018

    Supply Chain Technology Trends 2018

    Digital disruption continuously changes how we do business. A strategy that proved effective in 2017 may start to phase out in 2018. Companies, therefore, need to embrace this ongoing digital transformation and reshape their business models to improve customer experience, redefine their brand positioning, and enhance customer expectations. Every logistics company in the supply chain needs to keep track of the following trends in 2018.

    The Different Trends in Supply Chain Technology in 2018

    Perfect Order Deliveries

    Perfect order deliveries are among the trends that will dominate the supply chain industry in 2018. Perfect orders refer to the percentage of orders accomplished with the right product, to the right place, in the right condition, at the right time, in the right quantity, to the right customer and with the correct documentation. According to a recent supply chain survey, there is still a significant percentage of orders that are not perfect. Companies that want to secure a competitive edge in 2018 should embrace technology that helps them deliver a higher percentage of perfect orders.

    Delivery of Choice

    Customers already have plenty of options when it comes to shopping sites, product delivery options and discounts. In 2018, customers, especially B2B, will also have the option of choosing their preferred logistics provider. This trend could change the market significantly. It will also mean that companies that handle logistics have to deliver the best services to ensure they stay on top.

    Drones and Smart Glasses

    With the increased mobility and automation of the support system, companies that wish to stay ahead of the competition need to tap into improvements in technology like drones and smart glasses. Combined with augmented reality, the use of smart glasses will ensure faster and easier deliveries through facial recognition, personalized deliveries as well as hands-free route searches. The increased adoption of smart glasses and drones will increase flexibility while increasing the efficiency of the process.

    Elastic Logistics

    Within the supply chain, there are times when the service provider has to expand or shrink capabilities, based on the customer’s demands. This is where elastic logistics come in. Flexible automation solutions can increase the flexibility and agility of logistics infrastructure, to meet market fluctuations effectively. It also provides a personalized solution to requirements such as warehouse management, cost control, distribution channels, geographic restrictions as well as priority deliveries, among others.

    The forces of supply and demand affect the daily operations of the supply chain and logistics industry. To meet the changing consumer demands and handle fluctuating orders, we all need to embrace technology. The above technology trends will help companies to deliver orders on time while maintaining a profitable bottom line.

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