The Top Apps for Truckers

  • The Top Apps for Truckers

    The Top Apps for Truckers

    Oakland Intermodal Transportation Firm Knows Smartphone Uses for Trucking

    Smartphone apps provide some of the best tools truckers use to manage their transportation logistics and travel needs. These trucker-tested apps provide daily support to the men and women who do this tough job.

    Document and Log Management

    • Tranflo provides a mobile scanning system that drivers can use to send documents to carriers.
    • Big Road Free Truck Driver Log Book contains a log book that eliminates miscalculations and improves accuracy. It identifies truck stops, weigh stations, and other needed services. You can send vehicle inspection reports, calculate trip itineraries, and inform people if you are on or off-duty.

    Service/Fuel Locations

    • TruckerTools by Overdrive is a group of mini-apps that includes tools to plan out your route; find the nearest truck stop, weigh station, and truck washing location; and track a delivery load’s route.  This tool makes your truck driving job easier.
    • Fuelbook is updated six times a day, and it provides the most current fuel prices for over 7,000 truck stops across the US and Canada. The basic app is free, but it can be upgraded.
    • WAZE is a community-based traffic and navigation app that relies on users to keep others informed of road hazards and other conditions and how to avoid them.

    Weather Conditions

    • Weather Channel is not designed for truckers, but it is a solid weather forecasting app.
    • NOAA Weather Radar provides as close to real time weather information as possible.

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