Truck Cargo Thefts in California

  • Truck Cargo Thefts in California

    Truck Cargo Thefts in California

    Protecting Loads of Paramount Importance for Those in Bay Area Container Moving

    For truckers providing container moving services in California, the first quarter of 2016 has not been kind. Of the 221 cargo thefts reported in this time period, 21% occurred in our state – the highest losses in the nation.

    By The Numbers for 1st Quarter 2016:

    • Most Popular Items Stolen: Food and Drink (20% of all thefts).
    • Highest Value Items Stolen: Shoes and Clothing
    • Highest Increase In Items Stolen: Construction supply thefts increased 222% over 4th Quarter 2015.
    • Most Prevalent Location for Large-Scale Cargo Thefts: Unsecured Parking Areas (89%).

    Thieves are getting smarter. They have learned that pulling off smaller value thefts creates less risk and higher reward than does executing large heists. Smaller loads are often left overnight in unsecured parking lots. Thieves watch for logistics drivers leaving their rigs; once these truckers are gone, they break in to assess what is worth stealing. Depending on the insurance coverages, drivers may find themselves liable for the losses in these situations.

    What You Can Do

    New, high-tech GPS tracking systems allow companies and drivers to follow their loads. These systems, while effective, can be cost prohibitive. Instead, many drivers try to “hack” their way to security with ingenious solutions. For instance, they first purchase inexpensive phones with cheap phone services and then they load these phones with free apps. The phones are then wired into battery systems and hidden on the trucks. If a thief moves or steals a load, this phone system helps authorities track it down.

    Oakland Logistics Leaders Will Keep Your Freight Safe

    R&A Trucking provides exceptional transportation and intermodal services. Serving Oakland, Stockton, San Francisco, and Richmond, we move, store, and distribute domestic and foreign goods. Contact us today at (510) 632-7112 for a consultation about your project needs.

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