Trucking Tips for the Spring

  • Trucking Tips for the Spring

    Trucking Tips for the Spring

    Seasonal Trucking Advice from Leaders in Bay Area Logistics and Freight

    Truck drivers face unique road dangers during the spring months. They also find themselves saddled with salt-encrusted vehicles that need attention before the summer begins. Here are a few tips to address both issues.

    Spring Driving Hazards

    • Ice, Ice, Baby. This spring has seen ice and snow through April and into May in several regions of the country. If there is ice on your antenna or windshield, there is ice on the road, so drive accordingly. Bridges are especially dangerous this time of year, so take precautions.
    • Blowing in the Wind. Strong winds have been recorded across the country this spring, and these unexpectedly rough and blowy weather conditions may carry into the summer. Even heavy trucks engaging in transportation logistics can get blown over. Trailers can also get pushed off the side of the pavement. Slow down in heavy winds, and plan routes with weather in mind.
    • Muskrat Love. Okay maybe not muskrats, but deer and other wildlife forage for food along roadways, and they get distracted by other urges. They are most active in the early morning or at sunset, but you can find animals on the road at any time of the day. Stay alert, and resist jerking the wheel to avoid hitting an animal; you will be more likely to tip your truck and be severely injured.

    Spring Clean Your Truck

    • Pick up your mess. Eating in your truck has likely left behind crumbs and stains as well as paper bags, used napkins, and empty bottles/cans. Throw out the trash, and vacuum the crumbs. Use appropriate stain removers for the ketchup and secret sauce residues. Your mother will be proud and your logisticstasks will be more pleasant.
    • Give it a wash. Between the dirty snow and de-icing salts, your truck needs a spring bath. Start at the top and work your way down until the entire vehicle sparkles. Yes, it’s a big job, but someone has to do it.

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